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Qualified Mediator In New Jersey

Many divorcing couples are exploring the idea of alternative dispute resolution. From collaborative divorce to mediation, the idea of working together becomes attractive to people for numerous reasons. If you have questions about the mediation process, it is wise to discuss your personal matter in greater detail with an attorney.

At the law offices of Carolann M. Aschoff, P.C., we have extensive experience guiding clients through challenging family law matters. Our staff of dedicated professionals is ready to answer questions and provide the legal guidance regarding divorce mediation.

The Benefits Of Working With A Qualified Mediator

Our founder, attorney Carolann M. Aschoff, is a qualified court-appointed family law mediator. Her role in the mediation process is as a neutral facilitator. Both parties and their lawyers will come together and discuss disputes surrounding child custody, child support and property division. As a qualified mediator, attorney Aschoff will moderate these discussions and ensure that everyone is cooperating to come to a satisfactory resolution.

Benefits of mediation can include:

  • Low-conflict environment
  • Goal of dispute resolution rather than inflicting harm on the other party
  • More cost-effective than resolving disputes in a courtroom
  • The neutral mediator ensures that the process runs smoothly and professionally
  • Clients with a hand in deciding on the compromise are more likely to adhere to the resolution

Schedule A Consultation To Get Started With The Mediation Process

If you have further questions about how mediation can help you get through the divorce process, we encourage you to email our offices to schedule an appointment. You may also call our Bayonne and Jersey City offices at 201-793-7739 or our West Caldwell office at 973-200-4892.