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Committed To Your Rights And Children’s Interests

In New Jersey, custody rights are decided by considering the best interests of the child. This may include parents’ location of residence, ability to care for the child and other factors that would impact the child’s quality of life.

It is very rare that a parent has no rights to see their child, except in extreme situations such as domestic violence or substance abuse. Even the noncustodial parent will usually have parenting rights. However, we understand the emotional turmoil that comes with the possibility of less time with your children. We do everything we can to protect our clients’ rights and their children’s interests.

For strong representation regarding your parenting rights, contact our firm online. You can also call our Jersey City office at 201-793-7739, our West Caldwell office at 973-200-4892 or our Bayonne office at 201-793-7739.

Building A Strong Case For Your Custody Rights

At Carolann M. Aschoff, P.C., we believe that, many times, an expert’s testimony can make a significant difference in a child custody case. The insight of psychologists and psychiatrists helps us build your case if you are seeking to be the primary custodial parent. Our attorneys will discuss many options tailored to your unique child custody case.

If a trial is necessary, we will always be prepared. We will never ignore the best interests of your child. We want the courts to have a clear understanding of all the facts and details when they make their decision.

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions about child custody that you might also find helpful.

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