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Does Unmarried Dissolution Differ From Divorce?

You may wonder what will happen if you end a relationship in which you have kids and shared assets together. Although this is not considered a divorce, many issues are legally resolved in the same manner as a divorce case, including child custody and parenting time.

However, you are facing some unique legal concerns. For example, equitable distribution does not apply to the separation of your property and assets. A skilled family law attorney will be essential to understanding what you can expect and what needs to be done to resolve your case favorably.

Establishing Paternity

While unmarried couples still create custody agreements when separating, unmarried fathers should establish paternity to be eligible for custody rights. A lawyer can walk you through this process and work to secure your rights to your children.

As an unmarried mother, establishing paternity of the father may also be a wise decision if you are seeking child support. Your ex-partner cannot be required to pay child support if he is not legally recognized as the child’s father.

Rights To Palimony

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for palimony payments. This is the equivalent of alimony or spousal support payments for unmarried couples. The law has recently changed in this area. If you are seeking palimony or your partner is seeking palimony payments from you, one of our lawyers from the law firm of Carolann M. Aschoff, P.C., can advocate for your needs.

Learn More About Ending An Unmarried Partnership

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