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Resolving Parenting Time Issues

Parenting time with your children is perhaps the most valuable asset you can secure in a divorce. The attorneys at Carolann M. Aschoff, P.C., recognize the importance of a child maintaining continuing relationships with both parents. The children’s best interests are paramount in a post-divorce environment. We represent married and unmarried couples seeking to find middle ground on parenting time schedules.

Discipline And Detail In Creating A Parenting Plan

Our lawyers go beyond parents merely “working it out.” A detailed parenting time plan that is predictable and specific in its scheduling is many times necessary. A mature and disciplined approach is vital for a child’s well-being. Our attorneys can help get you there.

When Parenting Time Plans Go Awry

In addition to developing parenting time schedules, we also represent clients in post-judgment applications when plans have gone awry. For example, one side may not be following schedules or may be constantly requesting changes. Post-divorce parenting plans should be followed. Both parties and the children deserve that. Both parties must approve any changes. If not, we will work to hold the parent accountable for deviating from the parenting time schedule.

Discuss Your Parenting Time Today

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced divorce lawyer regarding a parenting time plan or any post-judgment modifications, please email us. You can also contact our Jersey City office at 201-793-7739, our West Caldwell office at 973-200-4892 or our Bayonne office at 201-793-7739.