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Financial challenges associated with family law issues

Those who are going through a variety of family law matters may face various hurdles, whether they are struggling with strong emotions such as depression or anger or they lose a custody dispute. However, the financial side of divorce can be especially difficult for many people to work through and there are a number of ways in which divorce can affect one’s finances.

For starters, the way in which property is divided during a divorce can have a huge impact on both parties. Marital property includes financial accounts, real estate, and other assets and can completely change a person’s outlook on the future. There are many other divorce-related financial concerns, such as alimony payments and child support. Moreover, adjusting to life as a single person can be problematic for some people, financially speaking and in other ways.

Should your divorce team include valuation experts?

You and your spouse have quite a bit of personal property in New Jersey that you have spent a pretty penny on over the years. Now that you are divorcing, you have each made a list of the items that you particularly want, and fortunately, these don't overlap much.

Since it appears you agree, should you bother with getting a professional valuation?

Managing your emotions during a dispute over custody

We have covered many different concerns related to child custody cases, such as the potential impact a dispute may have on a child. However, there are far more issues to consider if you are preparing for divorce, are in the middle of ending your marriage, or have already divorced and are facing custody-related challenges. For example, the emotional toll of a custody dispute may be especially tough for a variety of reasons and it is crucial to make sure that you handle these feelings appropriately. Unfortunately, some parents have allowed their emotions to get the best of them and adversely affect their case.

You may be angry, depressed or struggling with intense anxiety during a custody dispute. After all, when the custody of your child and your ability to spend time with them is at stake, working through the situation can be especially difficult from an emotional point of view. However, this is exactly why it is so important for you to do all you can to make a favorable end result more likely. Managing your stress and finding ways to combat depression and lessen other negative emotions is crucial. Whether you pick up a new hobby or find peace of mind by closely reviewing your case and responsibilities, there are different ways parents address these emotions.

Is it possible to mediate a high-conflict divorce?

If you are getting divorced, alternative disputes resolution methods like mediation can be beneficial for many reasons: they can be faster than litigation, not to mention less expensive and more peaceful.

However, too many people assume that mediation can't or won't work for their situation. People in high-conflict divorces often think this, but readers should understand that mediation can still work in these situations.

Child custody: The difference the right lawyer can make

Many people expect a breakup to go hand in hand with stress and emotional turmoil. While this is often true in divorce cases, especially when it comes to child custody, it does not have to be the case. By obtaining the help of the right New Jersey family law lawyer for a particular case, the process can go a lot smoother.  

Legal representation may not always be needed, but it surely holds certain benefits. Attorneys have the legal knowledge to gauge if claims made by the parties are realistic and possible. Lawyers also have the know how with regard to previous verdicts in similar cases, what is important to judges and how to present cases to pursue the best possible results.

Child custody -- acting in the best interest of the child

For many parents, their children are what makes their world go around. This is why most parents will confirm that they do not want their children to get caught up in the whole process of divorce. The ideal solution when it comes to child custody negotiations is that all parties are focused on ensuring the best interests of the children involved.  

Our New Jersey family law firm has ample experience in assisting clients to find the best resolution for child support and custody issues. We pride ourselves on the personal attention we provide to each one we serve, and we work hard to ensure our clients receive the solid legal advice they need to make the best informed decisions about the matters that affect their children. After discussing and agreeing on the different options available, we will then work closely with our client to build a solid case in which the rights of both the parent and the children are protected.

How can a prenuptial agreement help me?

If you are considering getting married, the thought of a prenuptial agreement may have crossed your mind. Are prenups only for celebrities and wealthy business owners, you might wonder? As it turns out, a prenuptial agreement can protect your interests even if you are not wealthy and famous.

Suppose you are getting remarried and you have children from a previous marriage, do you want them or your new spouse to receive your estate after your death? A prenup can establish your wishes and protect your assets and your children's legacy in the event of your untimely demise. This type of legal contract can offer practical protection for all types of people who face everyday problems.

Divorce and broken engagement -- not that different

When an engaged couple decides to break the engagement, it is not all that different from the end of a marriage. Both decisions go hand-in-hand with feelings of loss, emotional pain and turmoil. Like in the case of divorce, certain difficult decisions must be made during an emotionally taxing time.  

One major question a New Jersey couple that is breaking off an engagement must answer is: who gets to keep the ring? There is no easy and obvious answer to the question, as courts differ in their rulings on the matter. How a court may rule depends greatly on the court's view of what constitutes a gift, while the reasons for ending the engagement may also play a role.

Getting ready for divorce -- 3 important things to think about

Major change often leads to one feeling panicky, especially if it means the end of something important in life. In case of divorce, this may be especially true. The realization that one's marriage is coming to an end may be daunting, but one can take comfort in the thought that help is at hand.

When a New Jersey couple decides to end their marriage, never mind if it is a breakup or a conscious uncoupling, there are three important things to get into place. The first piece of advice financial experts give is to get oneself organized. It may make things a lot easier if all the paperwork, especially financial documents, are sorted and readily at hand. When discussing divorce with a lawyer, a clear picture of the financial situation can be formed if the full financial records of both parties are available.

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