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What You Should Know About Divorce

For many divorcing couples, the end of a marriage can be both frightening and fulfilling, easy and hard, complex and efficient. Depending on your specific goals, needs and motivations, the divorce process — even if divorce is the best solution for your future — can be financially and emotionally challenging. It is wise to discuss your specific situation with a lawyer who can provide answers and guidance from start to finish.

At the law firm of Carolann M. Aschoff, P.C., our staff is dedicated to guiding you through these life-changing events in your life. One of our attorneys can explain the process and help you answer difficult questions such as:

  • What is the difference between fault and no-fault divorce?
  • How can I tell if my spouse is hiding assets?
  • Is my inheritance protected from property division?
  • Is my spouse entitled to half of the business that I created?
  • Will the child custody order prevent me from relocating later?

You will likely discuss these questions — and many more — at the very beginning of the process with your attorney.

The process of divorce will be different for every client. Some divorces proceed in a straightforward manner, while others are mired in arguments at every stage. No matter the scope and complexity of your divorce, it is smart to have an experienced attorney by your side. We have extensive experience representing clients throughout New Jersey. Whether the dissolution of your marriage will happen largely through mediation or you need to resolve your disputes before a judge, we can help.

Get Help From Our Attorneys As Soon As Possible

If you are considering divorce, or you were served papers, contacting a divorce lawyer at the earliest stage possible is a great start. The sooner we get involved in your case, the sooner we can begin protecting your best interests. To request your first appointment, call us at our Bayonne or Jersey City offices at 201-793-7739 or our West Caldwell office at 973-200-4892. You may also send us an online message to schedule your appointment.