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Protecting Your Rights In Domestic Violence Cases

Accusations of domestic violence alone carry significant consequences. If you are a named defendant, you could be barred from permanently returning to your home. Conversely, there are spouses who need protection from a husband or wife that has a propensity for violent or harassing actions. At Carolann M. Aschoff, P.C., we work to protect our client’s rights, whether they be plaintiff or defendant.

Defending Clients Against Accusations Of Domestic Violence

Once a restraining order is filed and served on you, in most cases, you have to leave the residence you share with a spouse, significant other or family member who made the accusation. A trial can occur over a week later, but until that time, you are barred from your home as if the accusations are true, and you must find a different place to stay.

Although you can represent yourself, it is imperative for you to consider obtaining representation to properly protect your rights so that the truth comes out in court.

Protecting The Safety Of Clients Victimized By Abuse

Sadly, many of the allegations contained in restraining orders are true due to incidents of domestic violence within a family. Through the court system, we seek to protect those who have suffered abuse at the hands of another. Our lawyers will do our best to properly prepare our clients so that the abusers will be legally accountable and our client’s rights will be protected.

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A restraining order should not be taken lightly. Learn more, whether you’ve been named as a defendant or need to file one to keep your family safe. To request an appointment, send us an online message. You may also call our Jersey City or Bayonne office at 201-793-7739, or our West Caldwell office at 973-200-4892.