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Typical issues in a high-asset divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2023 | Blog, Divorce

Getting divorced in New Jersey can be a complex matter. This is even more true when one or both parties in the divorce have many assets. If so, the resulting proceedings can be even lengthier and more contentious than normal. There are certain common occurring that both parties should be aware of before they separate.

Untangling assets can be a nightmare

One of the biggest issues in a high-asset divorce is the sheer number of highly valued properties that are at stake. Most couples who divorce have a finite number of assets valued reasonably. A high-asset divorce can involve lucrative business interests, stock options, stock-based voting rights, and real estate partnerships.

You and your spouse may find yourself wrangling over assets secured in a trust. The result can be a legal and financial battle that drags on for an extended period. Untangling and properly assigning each asset will require negotiation and mediation. In the end, both parties must find a settlement they can agree to.

Child support will be a major issue

High-asset couples who are undergoing a divorce will also have to negotiate over the future of their children. This is an issue that requires a great deal of compromise and care. Some of the issues involved may be the cost of private education or funding for college. Daycare and child support are issues that lead to much financial haggling.

Couples with high assets will meet several hardships while attempting to separate their interests into fair amounts. Negotiation, mediation and civil communication are key to making it through divorce amicably, especially when it comes to the continuance of care for the children involved.