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Experienced West Caldwell Divorce Lawyers

Divorce can be fraught with complexities. Protecting your interests from start to finish ensures fair access to your children and an equitable property settlement. Partnering with a divorce attorney from the outset can help you accomplish these and other divorce goals.

At Carolann M. Aschoff, P.C., our West Caldwell divorce lawyers are prepared to take an aggressive stance to shield your interests. With so much at stake, you need nothing less than the exemplary representation our three decades of experience in family law assures.

Common Concerns In West Caldwell, New Jersey, Divorces

Getting a divorce is more than a legal divide – it involves separating two intricately entwined lives and is a stressful, emotional experience. Before you can forge ahead with your life, you and your spouse must resolve several often-contentious issues.

  • Child custody and support. Courts prioritize the well-being of children when making all child-related decisions.
  • Division of assets and debts. This stage involves dividing marital property and financial liabilities under New Jersey’s equitable distribution laws.
  • Spousal support (Alimony). Money judgments to a spouse who needs financial assistance to maintain a fair standard of living.
  • Parenting time/visitation. Again, with the child’s best interests in mind, courts strive for fairness in parenting time disputes.

Strong divorce representation can help you overcome significant challenges unique to your circumstances.

What Sets Us Apart From Other West Caldwell Divorce Attorneys?

Divorce is often a complex and emotionally charged battlefield. With our background in the trenches of New Jersey divorce and family law, our attorneys are relentless advocates. We can offer:

  • Proven success in complex and high-asset divorce cases
  • Assertive representation to secure your best interests
  • Personalized solutions for unique family situations
  • Clear communication to keep you informed and empowered
  • Evening appointments to minimize schedule disruptions

Take Charge Of Your Divorce And Call Today

With Carolann M. Aschoff, P.C., you need not settle for anything less than all you deserve. Call us at 973-200-4892 or use our online form to schedule a consultation. We will leverage our experience to advocate for a fair outcome in your case.