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Shocking US divorce facts

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2020 | Divorce

There are plenty of false statistics floating around about marriage and divorce in the United States. The most popular is that 50% of American marriages end in divorce. While that number is simply untrue, there are several statistics about divorce that are true, and they should be noted by New Jersey residents.

Less than 50%

People like to point out the 50% statistic regularly, but the actual figure is actually lower. In fact, 39% of marriages end in divorce. While that number is still high, it does provide more hope than the fictional 50% figure.

The rate is dropping

Another popular myth is that the divorce rate is rising. A study has indicated that in 2018, there were only 2.9 divorces per 1,000 total people in the United States. That number was down from 3.1 in 2015 and 4.0 in 2000.

June weddings and August divorces?

A research study performed by the University of Washington showed that March and August were the most common months for couples to terminate their marriages. Conversely, November and December were the least popular months for divorce as many people chose to focus on their families during the holidays.

Child support is largely one-sided

In 2014, 13.4 million parents were living away from their children’s other parent in a home where a child was under 21 years of age. Of that 13.4 million, the majority were mothers, 50% of whom received child support. Only 30% of custodial fathers received financial support from the mother of their children.

An individual who is dealing with the uncertainty of a divorce is encouraged to seek legal counsel from an attorney who is familiar with his or her state’s family law system. A lawyer can help guide his or her client through the tumultuous process and obtain any benefits that are legally owed to that person.