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Child custody — acting in the best interest of the child

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2018 | Child Custody

For many parents, their children are what makes their world go around. This is why most parents will confirm that they do not want their children to get caught up in the whole process of divorce. The ideal solution when it comes to child custody negotiations is that all parties are focused on ensuring the best interests of the children involved.  

Our New Jersey family law firm has ample experience in assisting clients to find the best resolution for child support and custody issues. We pride ourselves on the personal attention we provide to each one we serve, and we work hard to ensure our clients receive the solid legal advice they need to make the best informed decisions about the matters that affect their children. After discussing and agreeing on the different options available, we will then work closely with our client to build a solid case in which the rights of both the parent and the children are protected.

As in most aspects of life, preparation is the key to success. That is why specialists like psychologists and psychiatrist may be consulted to provide testimony if it is believed that this will help the case. In some situations, however, it may be necessary to go to trial. If so, our firm will strive to make sure the court has all the details and facts needed to come to a decision that protects your children’s best interests.

Guided by the regulations and guidelines set forth by the state of New Jersey, our lawyers will ensure that all the facts are considered in the calculation of child support. It is important that an agreement is fair and equitable, which is why precise data about income and expenditures will be used in the calculations. More information on child custody and support can be found on our website.