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Child custody — co-parenting may be a good option

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2017 | Child Custody

The end of a marriage seldom is an easy process and is often accompanied by mixed feelings. Decisions regarding child custody are often the most difficult to make, especially when co-parenting is being negotiated. Co-parenting may be a difficult decision to make, particularly if the relationship used to be volatile, which may lead to concerns about the ex-partner’s ability as a parent, as well as concerns about financial issues such as child support.

New Jersey parents may benefit from looking past these fears and concerns, as co-parenting holds many benefits for their children. Co-parenting can provide stability and security, because it encourages close relationships between the children and both parents. A joint custody arrangement typically allows for the children to feel secure, as they do not have doubts that both parents love them.  Children also benefit from consistency, understanding that problems can be solved even when people do not get along and being exposed to positive examples.

Joint custody can be stressful, may infuriate one or both parents at times and can even be exhausting, but the benefits for the children may be worth the effort. Ex-partners are advised to look past their previous differences and problems. By separating the parenting relationship after the divorce from the relationship partners had before the divorce, one can focus on the children.

Parents in New Jersey contemplating divorce may want to consider all the different possibilities when discussing child custody with their respective divorce lawyers.  The range of custody options opens doors that can reduce the negative impact a divorce may have on the children involved. At the same time, the options also provide the possibility that not only the best interests of the children, but also those of both parents are protected.

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