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Protect your rights and finances before moving in with a partner

Some couples in New Jersey and elsewhere choose to move in together rather than to commit to a marriage. Authorities suggest careful consideration along with honest discussions before rushing into cohabitation. Some say money is the most cited cause for divorce, and why would it be any different for couples living together?

Child custody: A sleep-over can benefit all

The results of a study conducted by researchers of an American university has proven the importance of both parents in the lives of children from a very young age. When divorce involves children, the parents have to come to agreements relating to many issues. When the children are very young, infants and/or toddlers, some child custody decisions are even more difficult to make.

Negotiating spousal support: What to think about

Two people negotiating on matters close to their hearts may find the process quite difficult, particularly when it relates to the end of a marriage. When it comes to divorce, many New Jersey divorcees will confirm that the issues relating to the children may be the most difficult, but a close second are matters relating to spousal support. The idea of paying alimony to an ex is not something many people get excited about.

Child custody in New Jersey -- what does the law say?

One of the most important aspects to consider in a divorce is what will happen with any children involved. In 1979, the state of New Jersey adopted the Uniform Child Custody Act (UCCA). The Act aims at the prevention of conflicts relating to custody when parents live in different U.S. states. Furthermore, child custody laws in New Jersey regulate the type of custody parents may apply for, the procedures followed, as well as rules surrounding visitation.

New Jersey spousal support can be a tricky matter

There are many well-known sayings to illustrate the problems money can cause -- all with good reason. In any matter where agreements have to be reached on money matters, even the most accommodating parties may find it difficult to reach such an agreement. The same holds true for divorcing parties negotiating spousal support.

Knowledge of child custody options can bring peace of mind

Most parents hate to see their children suffer or get hurt. When it comes to divorce, it is often very difficult to protect the children from hurt, but knowledge of the different child custody options available to New Jersey parents may be beneficial. If one knows the available choices, the process may be less stressful for all.

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