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New Jersey spousal support can be a tricky matter

On Behalf of | May 5, 2017 | Spousal Support

There are many well-known sayings to illustrate the problems money can cause — all with good reason. In any matter where agreements have to be reached on money matters, even the most accommodating parties may find it difficult to reach such an agreement. The same holds true for divorcing parties negotiating spousal support.

Our New Jersey firm are fully aware of the problems which may arise and can help you build a case based on facts. All factors will be taken into consideration and everything will be done to protect your rights. We will always explore all possible options to find the best solution for you, even if it means litigation.

Alimony is applicable when the earnings of the parties involved differ to a large extent. A spouse who earns a lot less than the other, or has no income, risks having to face financial problems and significant changes in lifestyle if his or her rights are not protected. A reasonable award of alimony to ensure the enjoyment of a similar lifestyle after the divorce is what we will strive to achieve.  

To the same extent, the higher earning spouse must be protected from unreasonable financial claims. This spouse has as much right as the lesser earning spouse to maintain his or her lifestyle. By making use of experts, we make sure that even the smallest relevant financial details are considered in establishing fair and reasonable spousal support.  For more information on spousal support in New Jersey, please follow the link.