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What are some benefits of joint physical custody?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | Child Custody

Many divorced parents in New Jersey share joint physical custody of their children. Although it’s not appropriate for everyone, joint custody offers a variety of benefits to families.

It has a positive effect on your child

Joint custody makes your divorce less stressful for your child. The family dynamic might have changed and the living situation is different as your child goes from your home to your former spouse’s home, but this is definitely a positive thing. Both parents work to make things easier and comfortable for their child, which is always good.

You share disciplining responsibilities

When you and your former spouse share parenting time with your child, it means you both share in disciplining them whenever necessary. You might have different rules in each household or those that vary to an extent, but you can both set boundaries.

You set a regular routine

With joint physical custody, you, your former spouse and your child all get a regular routine that you can easily settle into. This gives everyone structure and a sense of regularity. It’s particularly good for your child as it provides them with a set schedule that they can quickly become accustomed to and even enjoy.

It makes dating easier

Your joint custody arrangement makes it easier for you and your former spouse to begin dating new people. Your respective schedules with your child allow for more time for your personal lives.

You share the finances

Joint custody allows you and your former spouse to share in the financial aspects of raising your child. In some cases, because of your arrangement, you might not even have a need for child support anymore. However, this depends on a number of factors.