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The problem with putting off divorce due to young children

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2021 | Divorce

Parents who make plans to put off an inevitable divorce for the sake of the kids may do their children a disservice. Your kids may have trouble dealing with the hectic schedule of living between two homes after your split, but divorce also teaches your kids about a healthy view of marriage. In New Jersey, courts require divorcing parents to take a mandatory parenting class to help deal with the trauma of divorce.

Staying married for your kids creates more problems

Parents who put off divorce in order to provide a stable family life for their kids may need to rethink their position. Parents want the best for their kids, but they shouldn’t avoid divorce just to spare the children from feeling the hurt of the separation.

An amicable split when both spouses have realized that their marriage is over can offer more solace and peace for kids. Dividing assets and fighting for child custody doesn’t have to result in the long-lasting emotional damage that an unhappy marriage creates. Children may learn that marriage requires keeping secrets and hiding bitterness toward the other partner. Such children rarely walk away from an unhappy family life with a positive image of marriage.

Adults must realize that kids know when their parents don’t want to stay together. Children pick up on the tension of an unhappy marriage, and it can lead them to seek similar experiences as adults. Sometimes, getting a divorce is the most loving thing you can do for your kids.

Finding support for your divorce

If you need to consider divorce for the sake of your children, programs and options exist to make the transition less traumatizing for everyone involved. Waiting until the kids grow up and leave home often only leads to more strife and regret within the family dynamic.