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Post-divorce modifications and how to make one

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2020 | Family Law

Child support and child custody are important divorce-related issues that commonly need to be resolved during the divorce process. Additionally, following a divorce and after these issues have been resolved, it may be necessary to modify either child support or child custody. As a result, former spouses and divorced parents should be familiar with the child support modification process and how it can help them.

In general, either parent can request a child support or child custody modification and a modification may be granted based on a significant change in circumstances for either the parent or the child. It is important for a parent knowing they will need do seek a modification to act promptly once they know one will be needed. In addition, the parents are encouraged to work together whenever possible to resolve child support and child custody concerns but can rely on the family law court when needed.

A child support modification may be made based on a significant change in circumstances which could include the loss of a job or employment change, a change in marital status of one of the parents or a parental relocation. Parents seeking a modification should be prepared to document the change in circumstances causing them to make the request. They should also continue to follow any existing child support order until the family law court formally makes any change.

It is no secret that life changes following a divorce which is why the family law process provides resources to help parents and families navigate the changes in their lives. Knowing what to do if a child support or child custody modification is needed is important information for parents needing a modification to have.