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Is nesting a good post-divorce living arrangement?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Divorce

There are numerous issues you and your spouse need to discuss during the divorce process in New Jersey, including what to do with your house and where your children will live. These decisions are often complex, requiring you to consider your immediate and long-term finances as well as what is best for your children. You may think that the only solution is to have one of you stay in the house while the other one moves out. However, a different living arrangement called nesting may provide unique benefits for you, your ex-spouse and your children.

An NBC article describes the relatively new practice of nesting that some people choose after a divorce. In this situation, your children stay in the family home all the time while you and your spouse alternate living there with them. You may share the rent for an apartment where you each live when you are not with your children. You and your ex-spouse may rotate every week or every few weeks. This arrangement may allow your children to feel more secure at home and maintain closer relationships with both you and your ex-spouse.

Nesting may be a viable option only if you are in an amicable divorce. The nature of a nesting arrangement requires you and your spouse to get along well and be willing to work together effectively. Additionally, you may want to think of nesting as a temporary arrangement. While there are benefits to this option, there are potential disadvantages as well. Nesting may allow your children to hope for reconciliation even when that is not something you want. However, as a short-term arrangement, it may help everyone in your family transition to a post-divorce lifestyle smoothly.

This general information on nesting is intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.