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Child custody and Halloween

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2018 | Child Custody

For parents, child custody issues can be one of the more challenging aspects of family law. These cases often involve strong emotions and may also lead to a great deal of stress. After all, the well-being of a child is more important than other divorce issues. Parents face various challenges due to custody issues, especially during holidays. Moreover, some holidays, such as Halloween, can be especially tricky.

Often, Halloween falls on weekdays, which means that kids are in school during the day and this can also affect custody schedules. Parents may want to set up a schedule for Halloween and talk with each other about the holiday (although this is not possible in every case). For example, if one parent cares very deeply about trick-or-treating with their child and spending time with them on Halloween, and the other parent does not celebrate the holiday, this may need to be considered when deciding who the child will stay with during the holiday.

Our law office also knows that during the holidays, custody issues can be especially emotional and may bring up many feelings for those going through a dispute or struggling with a custody decision. You should always have a clear understanding of your rights and look for ways to make these changes easier for your child. It is vital for you as a parent to protect your child’s best interests and do all you can to minimize the negative impact of your divorce, especially when it comes to child custody matters.