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Anchor your summer cruise with strong child custody support

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2017 | Blog

Many families flock to New Jersey shores for summer time fun and relaxation. Some residents choose to set sail away from here, however, cruising to the tropics or other scenic locations. Perhaps, you and your kids have been looking forward to taking a cruise together ever since your divorce was finalized in court. To avoid custody problems, you’ll want to make sure you clearly understand the law pertaining to such matters.

It’s nice to be spontaneous and set out on impromptu adventures with your children from time to time. However, once your divorce, certain restrictions may apply before you can take your children outside the court’s jurisdiction. Every situation is different and much depends on your existing child custody and visitation agreement.

Keep these summer vacation tips in mind

Facing contentious child custody issues is a sure way to bring summer fun to an abrupt halt. There are several things you can do to help prevent trouble and set the stage for smooth sailing with your children. Keeping the following ideas in mind may help set the stage for your best summer vacation yet:

  • Many people incorporate holidays, vacations and special annual events into their custody agreements to avoid negative surprises and complications regarding where children are to spend their time off school or special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas or Thanksgiving. Taking a cruise or going to the beach can easily be added to such plans.
  • Even if a well-written plan is executed ahead of time, humans can make mistakes and/or be forgetful. Just because your summer cruise is included in your parenting plan, doesn’t mean your former spouse will remember it when the time comes to embark. To be courteous and prevent problems, you may want to remind your children’s other parent of your intended plans.
  • In some situations, you may need to seek the other parent’s agreement and the court’s approval before you take your children on vacation.
  • If you have an opportunity to take an unforeseen trip with your kids that affects your current custody plan, you may still be able to go if you can come to an amicable agreement with your former spouse.
  • If the problem is that your former spouse refuses to adhere to an existing court order, you can take immediate action to rectify the situation.

Whether you plan to sail the open seas on a luxury cruise with your children this summer or have a list of local field trips, picnics and other adventures in mind, it’s best to iron out any wrinkles involving possible custody or visitation issues ahead of time, if possible. Some New Jersey residents find it necessary to return to court to do so.

Relying on an experienced family law attorney for help is one of the best means for finding swift and agreeable solutions to summer vacation child custody problems. An attorney can protect your parental rights and make sure your children’s best interests remain a central focus during any and all court proceedings.