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Considerations regarding child custody and support

Divorce or separation of parents is generally a difficult situation. Many divorcing parents do not always find this easy and, in some instances, cannot agree on child custody terms. To make matters worse, legalize can be confusing at the best of times. When one is involved in a divorce, the different legal terms tossed about may confuse and even overwhelm.

Child custody and child support can be difficult

The end of a marriage is never easy. The divorce process can be very complex, especially when children are involved. Once the process is started, the divorcing partners have to reach agreements on matters such as child custody and support, alimony, visitation and much more.

Divorce due to irreconcilable differences -- what does it mean?

New Jersey couples that have decided to end their marriages are required to provide a reason or grounds for their decision. One possible reason available in case of divorce is irreconcilable differences. The question is -- what does this actually mean?

Monthly spousal support payments not the only option

Once a divorce is final, both parties are free to continue with their separate lives, and in many cases, this is precisely for what they wish. However, monthly spousal support payments may act as a regular reminder of a marriage that did not work out. Monthly payments also come with the risk that a payment may be missed, resulting in unpleasant consequences.

Joint child custody or shared child custody -- what to do

Some of the most important decisions a couple considering divorce have to make relates to the custody of their children. In most cases, parents are reluctant to given up any of their rights or access to their children. Each parent often believes that he or she is the one who can provide the best care and therefore does not want to relent when it comes to child custody.  

Who qualifies for a simple or summary divorce?

When a New Jersey couple decides to end their marriage, they may often find themselves wondering what to do next. Questions such as how long will the divorce take to be finalized, what is the most suitable plan of action and many more may leave one feeling at a loss. One option available to some may be a simple or summary divorce.

Spousal support -- keeping records is very important

After a couple has gone through a separation or divorce, one party may be responsible for paying an amount of money to an ex on a regular basis.  Spousal support is not a given, and generally a New Jersey judge will have to decide if one spouse will be required to make payments to another. Although, there is a trend to move away from ordering alimony, awards are still made when the couple divorcing or separating has been married for a long period and one person earned much more that the other or stopped working to take care of the children or home.

Help in getting to know your way around divorce is at hand

There is little doubt that ending a marriage evokes mixed emotions for those involved. You may hear from many other New Jersey divorcees that while the process was going on they often experienced many conflicting emotions -- being frightened while feeling fulfilled, finding it easy but also hard at the same time. While you may be convinced that getting a divorce is what is best for you, you may still find that going through the process is challenging – both emotionally and financially.

Do I have to go to trial as part of my divorce?

Filing a lawsuit is a necessary part of dissolving a marriage. However, nowadays, you and your spouse do not have to go down the litigation path to address the terms of your divorce when dealing with issues such as property division and child custody. Instead, you can rely on a divorce mediator in New Jersey to help you to resolve your disputes.

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