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Month: January 2017

Should I stay, or should I go?

If the marriage was unhappy, the divorce was likely hostile. Perhaps the custody battle was fierce and dirty, and that has left you bitter. As difficult as it was to get along with your spouse before the divorce, now parenting has the added challenge of two separate...

Is a divorce party right for you?

Over the past century, and even the past decade, divorce practices and traditions have evolved. Some new aspects may not seem so great, but many changes have been for the better.Along with advanced mediation, "conscious uncoupling" and co-parenting agreements, the...

Your spouse may be hiding money from you

Many couples in New Jersey plan to establish a little nest egg or rainy day fund with their disposable income. Unfortunately, not many are able to come up with enough disposable income to make much of a fund. Nevertheless, when marriages become troubled, it is...