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Your Online Life Could Become Part Of Your Divorce Proceedings

If you’re in the midst of a divorce, you may not know that your online life could be under examination by your spouse’s attorney. This includes your posts on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, and your texts and emails. Additionally, all these types of electronic communication may have already been investigated if a divorce had been in the works for some time.

The past won't help in a divorce -- look to the future instead

When a marriage ends, emotions are often running high since the parties tend to focus on the past. If New Jersey residents are not careful, those emotions could end up controlling how the divorce proceedings go. The focus of any divorce should be structuring a future that allows for some financial security.

The importance of protecting no-fault divorce

Over the past few years, a significant number of lawmakers have tried to end the practice of no-fault divorce in various states. This type of divorce means that neither party is being blamed for the breakdown of the marriage (for reasons such as adultery or abuse). The most typical reason used for a no-fault divorce is “irreconcilable differences.”

The problems associated with 'pet custody' in divorce

People often have very loving relationships with their pets, especially dogs or cats. The relationship goes back before the dawn of history, when people hunted with dogs and kept cats to control vermin. However, the relationship, which many consider to be as important as that with their children, can prove to be a complication during a divorce proceeding. Many estranged couples both have bonded with their pets and would like to make some sort of custody arrangement much as they would for their children.

When child support awards can be modified

For people who have been through a messy divorce involving children, child support can be a complicated issue. While many people believe that the amount of child support is often set in stone, a recent case here in New Jersey shows that this amount might not necessarily be so fixed. Last month, a family law judge ruled that the divorced parents of a gifted child could be required to pay additional funds in child support to develop the talents of their child. 

Taking unfriending to the next level with divorce notification

So many aspects of life have changed over the past several decades that it is no surprise that the way people communicate has also changed in favor of texting and messaging in place of face to face conversations and old-fashioned letter writing. Another possible change on the horizon is the way couples inform one another that divorce papers have been filed. New Jersey residents may be interested to learn that Facebook may soon play a role in this process.

Child custody practices reduce overall migration within the U.S.

Since the turn of the century there has been a big drop in the frequency that people have moved between states during their lifetime. Between the early 60s and early 90s the move rate was fairly high, but this has changed. Recent research has shown that changing child custody practices have been a major contributing factor to a decline in U.S. migration.

Finances are an important component in every divorce

It can be disheartening for a New Jersey couple to realize that the time and emotion that they put into their marriage basically comes down to finances if the marriage ends. Even when there are children involved, monetary issues such as child support, property division and alimony must be addressed. In order to make the divorce process go more smoothly, each party needs to have as complete an understanding of the current financial situation as possible, along with an awareness of what will be needed to live in the future.

Custody rights for unmarried parents in New Jersey

As a parent, your main concern is the well-being of your children, and, sometimes, protecting their best interests requires taking appropriate legal steps. In New Jersey, the custody rights of unmarried parents are the same as married parents, but they may find that it can be challenging to navigate family law issues alone.

Consider using mediation to settle child custody issues

These days, many more New Jersey couples are using mediation to resolve their divorce issues. It could also prove helpful in child custody matters in which married or unmarried parents do not want to involve the courts. Sometimes, parents just need assistance in keeping on track and coming to an amicable agreement.

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