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October 2016 Archives

The basics of marital agreements in New Jersey

If you are planning to get married, or are already married, you may be considering if a marital agreement is right for you. Marital agreements are put into place in order to protect property that you acquire before or during the course of your marriage. Such agreements are especially important in states that follow the equitable division of property, such as New Jersey.

Brad Pitt decided not to answer Angelina's divorce petition

When New Jersey married couples separate, they have choices concerning how their relationships end. A divorce does not have to follow the traditional adversarial system that tends to increase tensions and result in dissatisfaction. This could be part of the reason why Brad Pitt has chosen not to respond to Angelina Jolie's divorce petition.

Spousal support provides rehabilitative opportunity after divorce

Alimony tends to be a hotly-contested topic during divorce proceedings. Whether one party wants larger monthly payments or another believes that he or she should not have to make the payments in the first place, there is usually plenty to talk about. However, before drawing any hard lines in the sand, couples in New Jersey should be certain that they understand what spousal support is, and perhaps just as important, what it is not.

Divorce after 50 brings special concerns

An increasing number of older couples in New Jersey and the rest of the United States seem to be wanting to end their unhappy marriages. These so-called gray divorces -- which applies to couples who decide to call it quits after the age of 50 -- are on the rise and currently outpacing filing rates of younger couples. While there is no age limit on ending an unsatisfying marriage, older individuals tend to face unique concerns when it comes to divorce.

Remaining calm can help secure your financials after divorce

Concerns over post-marital finances prevent an untold number of people in New Jersey from ending their marriages even when they feel the time is appropriate. Between property division, alimony and concerns over child custody and support for those who are parents, this concern is not necessarily unfounded. When couples fail to give necessary focus to financial matters, money after divorce might not look too pretty.

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