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Should you consider mediation for child custody issues?

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2022 | Blog, Child Custody, Mediation

A child custody case is often an emotional experience. When you’re also dealing with divorce, the situation becomes even tenser. Some New Jersey couples handle child custody issues in mediation instead of court. If both parents agree on all or most issues of child custody, then mediation is possibly an option. Here are some reasons why you might prefer mediation over going to court.

Mediation sets a friendlier tone

Mediation encourages communication and problem-solving. The focus is on the best interest of the child. It’s not one parent against the other, as it may feel in court. Instead, mediation is an opportunity for the parents to work together. Also, the mediator is a neutral third party skilled at working with couples. If the discussion gets off track, the mediator can refocus attention.

Mediation is faster than court

A child custody court case can drag on for months. But successful child custody mediation can conclude within a week or two. When you have agreeable parents who are willing to communicate, it speeds up the process. This is less stressful for the parents and the child.

Mediation sets a good example for your child

Mediation shows your child you and your spouse can work together for the child’s best interest. And that although you’re no longer a couple, you both want what’s best for the child. Mediation can also help you and your spouse strengthen your communication skills.

Mediation is often less expensive than court

One mediator can work with both parents. This removes the need for each parent to hire their own attorney. However, the mediator is usually also an attorney. When the parents reach an agreement, they submit it for court approval. The entire process is less expensive than litigation.