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How does depression affect marriage?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2022 | Divorce

Any marriage in New Jersey takes effort on the part of both spouses to work. Unfortunately, when one person is battling depression, it could have an impact on the marriage and lead to divorce.

Depression and divorce

Depression doesn’t automatically mean that a married couple is headed for divorce court. However, the consequences of not addressing the depression could lead to the marriage ending. The spouse who is experiencing it needs to be acknowledged and needs help. If the other ignores it and acts like everything is fine, it can worsen the situation.

Depression can also result in other problems. The person suffering might turn to someone else and have an affair if they don’t feel supported by their spouse. Their job might also suffer as they can’t concentrate on their work or even make the effort to go to work.

Depression can damage marriages

When a person is going through depression, it can take its toll on the marriage in different ways. In addition to that spouse feeling as though they aren’t being understood, the other might feel like their needs aren’t being met, either. Someone with depression often lacks any interest in physical intimacy, which can negatively impact the relationship.

The spouse not battling depression might question why the other person is depressed, especially if the marriage has always been happy. In some cases, the depression might be due to dissatisfaction within the relationship, but other times, it could be completely unrelated to the marriage. For example, a new mother could suffer from postpartum depression shortly after giving birth.

Help for depression in marriage

Whatever the cause of the depression, there are options that might help save the marriage. Couples should consider counseling. This might help both partners gain a new perspective. Recognizing the problem and why one spouse is battling depression could help bring a solution toward improving the marriage.