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Divorce creates stress for older children too

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2022 | Blog, Divorce

When older couples divorce, the marriage may end after several decades. Some people believe that adult children handle their parents’ breakup better than younger children would. After all, the older children likely have stability in their life and could understand the reasons for the divorce. That’s not always the case, though. Older children may struggle with the fact that their parents’ marriage will end in a New Jersey court.

A change in the family

When parents divorce, the previously established family union no longer exists. However, there might be factors that make the marriage’s continuation impossible. Financial disagreements, adultery and growing apart with age are all reasons for gray divorces. Empty nest syndrome sometimes causes problems in the home. Sadly, some adult children might blame themselves for empty nest woes.

Regardless of the reasons for the divorce, grown children who saw their parents live together for many years must now realize that things will be different. Not everyone may accept the new family situation, and children could go through enormous personal turmoil and anxiety. Some might even need to see a therapist to work out their problems.

Parents often need to be more understanding of what their children go through. Keeping lines of communication open might allow the parties to work through a challenging scenario.

Maintaining focus on the divorce

Addressing problems with adult children could be a priority for some parents, but divorce proceedings also require careful attention. Asset distribution, alimony and debt matters may become significant areas of concern. The divorcing spouses would need to focus on such things during settlement negotiations or in court.

The divorce process might involve revisiting estate planning or going to court for a protection order. The divorce may be stressful for all family members, but dissolving the marriage and handling all related responsibilities requires focus and cooperation.