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A custody schedule to fit your family

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2021 | Child Custody

As New Jersey parents seek to create a custody schedule to go into effect after the divorce, they will need to research what type works best for their families. While a 50-50 split is often recommended, the traditional alternating-week schedule might not work for all families. However, parents can create schedules that work for them considering their family’s particular needs.

Other 50-50 schedules

While the traditional split by week can work for some families, particularly those with adolescent children, for many other families seeking a 50-50 division of child custody, this split might not be the best fit. Parents with younger children, for example, might find that the children need more constant time with each parent. Instead, families can try a variety of other splits, including:

• The 2-2-3 split, where children stay with one parent 2 days, then with the other parent for 2 more days and back to the first parent for 3 days and switch the order the next week
• The 3-4-4-3 split, where children spend 3 days with one parent, 4 days with the next parent, 4 days again with the next parent, and then back to 3 days
• The alternating every 2 days split, where children spend 2 days with one parent, then 2 days with the other parent and so on throughout the month.

Sometimes the 50-50 schedule is not ideal

In other situations, parents might find that other parenting schedules might work best. For example, they might opt for schedules that have a 60-40 split, including having kids spend the week or two weeks with one parent and then spending each extended weekend or every other extended weekend with one parent.

Custody schedules that work are designed with the needs of all family members in mind. Honesty, open communication, and a careful review of parents’ work schedules and children’s school and other activities can help make the parenting arrangement successful.