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Why choose mediation for divorce?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2021 | Mediation

Divorce mediation is something that is growing in popularity. If you are considering it, it is understandable that you may be hesitant, but there are many positive benefits to choosing mediation. These are a few reasons why you should choose divorce mediation in New Jersey.

More personal

One of the best parts about mediating your divorce is that it is a much more personal process. You and your former spouse come together with the mediator and discuss your relationship and divorce, and you figure things out together instead of fighting each other in a courtroom. This will allow you to come together and discuss important matters, such as how you are going to handle finances once the relationship is over, how you will deal with joint debts, how child custody will work and other important details.

Better for your children

There’s a lot of animosity involved in traditional divorces. Two former lovers are fighting each other, trying to prove who was the better partner and parent. When a child sees his or her parents angry, frustrated and arguing daily, it can harm his or her mental health. Removing the anger and animosity that usually comes from traditional divorces will spare your child from the pain caused by seeing his or her parents angry.

By removing the animosity and anger, it will also be much easier for you and your ex to be successful co-parents. Being a good co-parent who can work with your child’s other parent is very important to raising a kid to be a well-rounded and emotionally stable adult.

Court doesn’t need to be involved

One of the worst parts of a divorce is having to publicly fight with someone whom you used to love and be in a committed relationship with. It can be very awkward sharing your personal business in front of strangers, so mediation is a great choice for those who prefer to keep those matters private.

The mediation process has many benefits and is a cheaper and quicker way to handle a divorce. Just because it isn’t common doesn’t mean you should be afraid of it.