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2020 New Jersey Divorce Trends

On Behalf of | May 6, 2020 | Child Custody, Divorce, Family Law

It has been reported that more than 26,000 New Jersey couples filed for divorce in 2019. A study of these filings revealed several notable recent trends that could be useful for New Jersey couples who are filing for divorce in 2020.

One trend regarding custody is that there has been a rise in 50/50 shared parenting time. Family court is becoming more gender neutral, meaning that one parent is no longer favored over the other. This has become such an increasing trend that new legislation has been introduced in Trenton to make 50/50 shared parenting time the usual presumption in every divorce, unless extenuating circumstances are present.

Another trend found is that gray divorces are becoming increasingly more common. A gray divorce is one that takes place later in life when both parties are over the age of 50. These cases present their own unique circumstances. When spouses have been together for longer periods of time, and are of retirement age, there are far more valuable and extensive assets to consider for distribution. Proper estate planning plays a large part in the split of older spouses.

Finally, another notable trend is that we live in the age of social media, which definitely does not exclude divorce. Social media posts and “investigations” have become all too common arguments, and can often make divorces more difficult than they need to be. Regardless of which trend your specific situation fits, enlisting the help of an experienced divorce attorney can alleviate some of the stress any divorce can bring.