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There are benefits to choosing divorce mediation over litigation

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2020 | Mediation

There are many different ways that people in New Jersey resolve conflict and disagreements. Sometimes emotions take over and people say and do things that they may regret afterwards or escalate the situation. Others may want to take some time to allow the emotions to cool down and then talk through the differences they are having. One of the bigger conflicts that people can go through is a divorce. Just like other conflicts people have choices in regards to how they resolve their conflicts.

One option is to litigate all the issues and ultimately let a judge make all the decisions for them. However, people also have the option of using divorce mediation as well. This is a process where the couple meets with a third-party neutral mediator who helps assist the couple in reaching agreements on the issues they need to resolve.  Both options will ultimately resolve the conflict, but mediation does have some benefits.

One is that it can be less stressful as there are fewer court appearances and conflicts throughout the process. Another benefit is that mediation is cheaper on average than litigation. It can be a quicker process as well which is part of the reason that it can be cheaper as well. Mediation can also be more flexible and the couple is able to control when and how quickly they resolve it as opposed to being forced to follow the court’s schedule. Mediation is also private and is not a public proceeding like litigation, so the couple’s personal information can remain between them. Finally, mediation allows the couple to focus on their children and what is best for them as the process is more peaceful.

There are many divorces in New Jersey each year. At the conclusion of every divorce, the couple will divide their assets, child custody and parenting time determinations are made, child support will be established and the couple will no longer be married. How the couple reaches those determinations varies though. Couples can choose to litigate every issue or they can choose mediation, which certainly has its benefits.