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Moving to another state after your divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2019 | Child Custody

For many people, the end of their marriage symbolizes a fresh start and a time full of opportunity. The divorce process can be tough, not only from a financial angle but emotionally as well. However, many people are able to move beyond these hurdles and some are able to pursue new opportunities and change their lives for the better. For example, splitting up with a spouse may make it easier for someone to move to another state, which could offer a better quality of life as well as a more favorable job market and business opportunities. However, it is important to make sure that all bases are covered, especially if you have kids.

Whether someone does not like the weather in a state they have felt stuck in for years, or they were unable to move because their former spouse refused to leave, when a marriage comes to an end this can be a great time to relocate. Some people are simply looking for a new place to live and the sense that their past has been left behind.

There are a number of excellent reasons for some people to move after their divorce, but there are various responsibilities that some people need to take into consideration too. For example, those who have children should carefully review their obligations with respect to parental relocation and make sure that they respect the rights of the other parent. Moving to a new state can be stressful, especially for someone who has been through a difficult divorce, but preparation can help immensely.