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Divorce, alimony and job loss

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | Divorce

If you are getting ready to file for a divorce, or you are already in the middle of one, you could have a number of concerns. For example, you might be worried about what will happen with regard to child custody or you could be stressed out about adjusting to single life. However, the financial side of divorce must be given special attention, and there are many ways in which your finances could be impacted by your marriage coming to an end. Moreover, some people are facing other financial struggles in life, such as those who have lost their job, which can add to their divorce-related financial stress.

If you have already split up with your spouse and recently lost your job, you may have concerns about your ability to continue paying alimony. If so, you should look into the possibility of modifying your spousal support. On the other hand, perhaps you have not even filed for a divorce yet, or maybe you are still working but you know that you will be out of work in the near future. Under these circumstances, it is crucial to prepare for what lies ahead and do what you can to financially brace yourself.

We understand that people going through a divorce may have many pressures, and these challenges can be even more upsetting for those who have other difficulties in their lives such as unemployment. Whether you are worried about paying spousal support or any other facet of the divorce process, preparation is crucial.