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Mediation and social media

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2018 | Mediation

A wide range of considerations may come into play for those who are going through a divorce, including deciding which approach is appropriate. Many couples opt for divorce mediation and there are a number of reasons why mediation is advantageous. For example, mediation can save time and money for both parties, as we have written about on this blog. However, other factors may need to be reviewed even if you and your partner have already agreed that mediation is best. For example, your social media activity may need to be considered, especially if you and your spouse are trying to work together to end your marriage in a more amicable manner.

First of all, the type of information that you share online can have an impact on your divorce in different ways. Moreover, if you notice that your spouse is sharing certain types of information that you believe should be kept private, or certain details about you that are untrue and harming your reputation, you may need to take further action. In some instances, mediation is not a viable option because a couple cannot come to an agreement.

Even though working with a mediator can offer a number of benefits, divorce can be a difficult experience no matter which approach is taken. You should take steps to improve your experience and make things easier for you and your partner if you are able to. it is always a good idea to be careful with regard to what you share on social media, especially during the divorce process.