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Getting ready for divorce — 3 important things to think about

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2018 | Divorce

Major change often leads to one feeling panicky, especially if it means the end of something important in life. In case of divorce, this may be especially true. The realization that one’s marriage is coming to an end may be daunting, but one can take comfort in the thought that help is at hand.

When a New Jersey couple decides to end their marriage, never mind if it is a breakup or a conscious uncoupling, there are three important things to get into place. The first piece of advice financial experts give is to get oneself organized. It may make things a lot easier if all the paperwork, especially financial documents, are sorted and readily at hand. When discussing divorce with a lawyer, a clear picture of the financial situation can be formed if the full financial records of both parties are available.

The second important thing to consider is who one needs at one’s side during the proceedings; for example is mediation the best way to go, or litigation? Some couples are able to sort out their difference amicably and could, alongside their respective lawyers, resolve everything through mediation; in other circumstances, attorneys representing each party may be required to litigate the matter in family court. In either circumstance, it may also be beneficial to obtain advice from a divorce financial analyst or an accountant to ensure that one’s financial position is protected.

The last important thing to take care of may turn out to be the most difficult and that is to take a realistic look at what one wants for the future. Impulsive decisions made during this highly emotional time could lead to regrets later. It is important to consider if an asset could turn into a liability. For instance, there may be an emotional pull to stay in the marital home, but the ongoing maintenance costs and mortgage obligations could make it impractical. 

No matter the circumstances surrounding the decision to divorce, obtaining the advice of a New Jersey family law attorney may make everything easier. A lawyer can stand back and objectively consider a client’s unique situation before offering advice. In this manner, that one’s best interests are always front and center throughout the proceedings.         

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