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Divorce — can one survive it after 50?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2017 | Divorce

The end of a marriage is a difficult process for the majority of people. For a person to hear that his or her spouse wants a divorce after a marriage of 20 or 30 years, it can be devastating. After so many years, one may feel that it is not only the end of a marriage, but the end of the way one identifies oneself.

Divorce for people over 50 is not unusual. Statistically, approximately a quarter of the people who divorce fall in the over-50 age group. Those over 50 in New Jersey who are in the midst of a silver divorce may benefit from realizing that it is not the end — one can survive and even thrive. As with everything in life, there are a number of hints to help ease the process.

Firstly, it is important to remember the person asking for the divorce may be a changed person and not the loving husband or wife of before. While negotiating, it may help to think about long-term financial stability, rather than holding on to what is familiar, such as a large house that could mean a large mortgage. While one’s main aim may be to get the whole process over with, it is advisable to sort out all financial matters before signing any agreements, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

To come to an understanding and reach a mutually acceptable agreement can be difficult and complicated, but it does not have to be impossible. New Jersey couples that are over 50 and considering divorce may find it beneficial to obtain the help of a legal expert to assist them through the difficult negotiations in order to reach a fair settlement. The assistance of a person to act as a go-between can help the couple avoid some of the pitfalls involved in reaching a divorce settlement.

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