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Custody rights for unmarried parents in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2016 | Family Law

As a parent, your main concern is the well-being of your children, and, sometimes, protecting their best interests requires taking appropriate legal steps. In New Jersey, the custody rights of unmarried parents are the same as married parents, but they may find that it can be challenging to navigate family law issues alone.

If you are a parent wishing to establish your custody rights, seek child support or resolve another family law matter pertaining to your child, it is best to seek the appropriate protections with the help of an experienced lawyer. It is possible to find positive, workable solutions to even the most complex legal concerns.

Do you really need an attorney to resolve your custody concern?

Parents have the right to regular access to their children and to maintain strong relationships. Certain challenges may exist when parents are unmarried, making it necessary to take legal action. You may find it necessary to seek legal help to resolve your custody concerns if any of the following pertain to your situation:

  • Your name is not on your child’s birth certificate.
  • You are an unmarried mother seeking child support.
  • Your right to regular visitation with your kids has been denied.
  • Your paternity is in question, leading to visitation disputes.
  • You are not married to the other biological parent of your child.
  • You wish to seek sole custody of your children.

Every custody dispute is unique, and arriving at a sustainable resolution requires experience and a thorough knowledge of the law. As an unmarried parent, it is critical to take quick action to protect your relationship with your children, especially if there are interstate or relocation concerns.

A custody order uniquely suited for your family

Your relationship with your children is important, and you can help your family avoid complications and disputes in the future. If you have been blocked from seeing your kids, need to seek child support or wish to establish paternity, you need more than a verbal agreement with the other parent, you need a legal ally with experience in complex family law issues.

Unmarried parents may face a host of complications on their way to a legally defined relationship with their child or a beneficial custody and support arrangement, but taking legal steps can benefit you and your family for years to come.