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Child custody and child support can be difficult

The end of a marriage is never easy. The divorce process can be very complex, especially when children are involved. Once the process is started, the divorcing partners have to reach agreements on matters such as child custody and support, alimony, visitation and much more.

Joint child custody or shared child custody -- what to do

Some of the most important decisions a couple considering divorce have to make relates to the custody of their children. In most cases, parents are reluctant to given up any of their rights or access to their children. Each parent often believes that he or she is the one who can provide the best care and therefore does not want to relent when it comes to child custody.  

Child custody and support in the case of a special needs child

Children with special needs require specialized care and support for a longer time than most other children. The need for care and support may continue until adulthood in some cases. When the New Jersey parents of a child who is physically or mentally impaired decide to divorce, the needs of the child must be carefully considered when decisions regarding child custody and support are made.

What is child-centered divorce? And does it work?

According to a recent National Vital Statistics Report on marriage and divorce, almost one-third of U.S. divorces involve children under the age of 18. While research shows that successful co-parenting arrangements contribute to the well-being of children of divorce, not all couples are able to reach and/or abide by a co-parenting agreement. The common denominator among children who fare well after their parents break up is often a child-centered divorce. 

The problems associated with 'pet custody' in divorce

People often have very loving relationships with their pets, especially dogs or cats. The relationship goes back before the dawn of history, when people hunted with dogs and kept cats to control vermin. However, the relationship, which many consider to be as important as that with their children, can prove to be a complication during a divorce proceeding. Many estranged couples both have bonded with their pets and would like to make some sort of custody arrangement much as they would for their children.

When child support awards can be modified

For people who have been through a messy divorce involving children, child support can be a complicated issue. While many people believe that the amount of child support is often set in stone, a recent case here in New Jersey shows that this amount might not necessarily be so fixed. Last month, a family law judge ruled that the divorced parents of a gifted child could be required to pay additional funds in child support to develop the talents of their child. 

Consider using mediation to settle child custody issues

These days, many more New Jersey couples are using mediation to resolve their divorce issues. It could also prove helpful in child custody matters in which married or unmarried parents do not want to involve the courts. Sometimes, parents just need assistance in keeping on track and coming to an amicable agreement.

Child custody issues surrounding relocating the children

At the time of a divorce, parents decide how they will split their parenting time based on the existing circumstances. However, one constant in life is that circumstances change. The custodial parent might want to move either within New Jersey or take the children to another state for work or some other reason. Unless the move does not interfere with the child custody arrangements made during the divorce, that parent cannot simply make a unilateral decision.

Paternity action saves man from unfair child support order

A story recently reported in the news highlights the importance of paternity actions. Even though Joe V. had not even seen his estranged wife for 15 years, he was suddenly served with a court order requiring him to pay child support for her new baby. Of course the child was not his, but Iowa law held him financially responsible for the child's welfare because he and his wife were technically still married. Many states assume paternity for any child born during the marriage, regardless of whether the couple was actually together or not. 

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