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Child custody practices reduce overall migration within the U.S.

Since the turn of the century there has been a big drop in the frequency that people have moved between states during their lifetime. Between the early 60s and early 90s the move rate was fairly high, but this has changed. Recent research has shown that changing child custody practices have been a major contributing factor to a decline in U.S. migration.

Finances are an important component in every divorce

It can be disheartening for a New Jersey couple to realize that the time and emotion that they put into their marriage basically comes down to finances if the marriage ends. Even when there are children involved, monetary issues such as child support, property division and alimony must be addressed. In order to make the divorce process go more smoothly, each party needs to have as complete an understanding of the current financial situation as possible, along with an awareness of what will be needed to live in the future.

Is retirement still possible after a divorce?

Ending a marriage late in life often means that there are fewer years to rebound until one retires. New Jersey residents over the age of 50 who are contemplating divorce need to make sure that they deal with the issue of retirement carefully. In most cases, they need do what they can to preserve and build upon the retirement resources received from the marital estate.

Did your ex-spouse fail to comply with the divorce settlement?

After spending weeks and perhaps months coming to an agreement to end your marriage, you expected your spouse to keep up his or her end of the bargain. Now, your ex-spouse is not complying with the divorce settlement. New Jersey law allows you to go back to court to enforce the settlement, or in the alternative, to modify the agreement if you -- or your ex-spouse -- are unable to comply with it due to a substantial change in your circumstances.

Brad Pitt decided not to answer Angelina's divorce petition

When New Jersey married couples separate, they have choices concerning how their relationships end. A divorce does not have to follow the traditional adversarial system that tends to increase tensions and result in dissatisfaction. This could be part of the reason why Brad Pitt has chosen not to respond to Angelina Jolie's divorce petition.

Divorce after 50 brings special concerns

An increasing number of older couples in New Jersey and the rest of the United States seem to be wanting to end their unhappy marriages. These so-called gray divorces -- which applies to couples who decide to call it quits after the age of 50 -- are on the rise and currently outpacing filing rates of younger couples. While there is no age limit on ending an unsatisfying marriage, older individuals tend to face unique concerns when it comes to divorce.

Remaining calm can help secure your financials after divorce

Concerns over post-marital finances prevent an untold number of people in New Jersey from ending their marriages even when they feel the time is appropriate. Between property division, alimony and concerns over child custody and support for those who are parents, this concern is not necessarily unfounded. When couples fail to give necessary focus to financial matters, money after divorce might not look too pretty.

Can my ex take my retirement money?

Many disputes during a divorce hinge on the equitable distribution of assets. Whether the divorcing couple is attempting to divide a family business, multiple properties or a priceless collection acquired together, these can be challenging times in the divorce process. Equally complex is the discussion of how to divide retirement accounts.

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